covid 19 policy

Planning a wedding or a business event is a big enough task without the pandemic threatening it at a moment’s notice. We understand that there’s a lot of time and money at stake and so we’re making sure that your entertainment budget is one thing you don’t need to worry about.

We’ve put together three options for events impacted by covid 19 restrictions.

  1. Postponement/Booking Fee Credit – If your event is unable to proceed due to a government required lockdown then we are happy to keep your booking alive until you’re ready to move forward with a new wedding or event plans. This option allows you to minimise any financial loss and has been the most popular option with groups/couples we’ve been working with so far. As mentioned above, this credit would be valid through until May 2023 for you to use, which hopefully allows plenty of time for the pandemic situation to settle down. Subject to availability.


  2. Downsize / Elopement Style – We are happy to reduce to a duo with a special lower rate and we’ll put on a great celebration for your immediate family and bridal party. People have parties with groups of 20 and less. We’ve created amazing celebrations for small groups like this.


  3. Cancellation – If you prefer to cancel your booking with us completely, we have reduced our cancellation policy down by a third off the normal cancellation fee we charge under other circumstances. Unfortunately the current pandemic has affected all of us in significant ways, including a massive effect on our business this past two years. While many other businesses in similar situations have not reduced their cancellation fees or offered any refunds (due to pandemic related situations being out of our/their control), we are committed to trying to find a compassionate outcome for everyone involved and that is why we have significantly adjusted our cancellation fees (as clearly outlined in your agreement) and on our website here.

Traffic Light Framework

Traffic Light settings allow us all much more certainty of events being able to proceed. Even in Red Level groups of up to 100 are possible.
Many events fit within this criteria already and some groups are choosing to downsize guests by a small amount in order to continue which we would encourage you to consider. At all settings we are able to perform for you.

Should you choose to reschedule your event with us rest assured any booking fee paid will be held in credit and transferrable to your new date. There may be a rate difference between the original date and the new date (eg some events were costed in 2020 that are now being delivered in 2023).