As one of New Zealand's busiest specialist entertainment companies we’re excited to be working with you to make your show the most fun yet and still meet your budget! #WinWin!


lol, I've never heard of a band sponsoring an event before…

And let’s be honest, no one ever has. But then LA Social aren’t actually a band, we’re a super fun, high energy, award nominated (Westpac Business 2014) entertainment company. We’re thrilled and grateful that over the last 10 years many of the worlds most famous brands from BMW and Ferrari to Amway and ANZ have come to prefer us when they need a guaranteed musical success and wow for their events of which we currently perform over 200 a year the length of the nation and beyond.

We know that many organizations simply don’t have the budgets of the worlds mega brands and as such it’s important to us to support these important events ourselves as a way of saying and thanks and remaining connected at a community level – not just an international level.


Each year we choose to sponsor either in full or in portion a number of important events.

  1. Grassroots festivals : Alexandra Blossom Festival, Arrowtown Autumn Festival
  2. Charity fundraisers : Queenstown Lakes Family Centre
  3. National events : NZ Masters Games, held in Dunedin.


In 2016 we’ve also started what he hope will become a formal program of music in international crisis situations to raise morale in displaced people groups. As a pilot, Lindsay and Ailsa (principals) spent 2 weeks volunteering in the Moria Refugee camp in Lesvos Greece. With 2500 refugees being held there for 4-8 months, their need to escape their reality for a moment and to clap, sing and dance was perhaps greater than we’ve seen in any other context. As a result we hosted concerts nightly, 13 in total during a fortnight posting.

Our intention is to allocate resource towards this type of work moving forward, acknowledging that it’s a very small thing – but having seen it’s value first hand.


LA Social’s ability to support events and organizations is in relation to it’s own continued success. You can help us to achieve that at no cost to your own budget, through leveraging branding and marketing opportunities arising from your successful event.


  1. Press advertising, Print advertising and any event program should all feature LA Social Branding as sponsors of the event.
  2. We would expect our supplied promo photography should be utilized in the advertising. We invest a lot in our collateral to create high quality imagery. This benefits us both, with your event receiving a strong showcase of what your audience can look forward to, thus optimizing booking/turnout.
  3. Any Press Releases should reference LA Social as both performers and sponsors and briefly explain why people should be excited our show. We have materials available on request.


  1. Any event promotion on social media should mention LA Social as both performers and sponsors of the event.
  2. A minimum number or tweets, instagrams, facebooks posts mentioning us should be agreed upon ahead of time.
  3. Wherever possible a link back to our website ( or facebook (LASocialClub) should be included.
  4. LA Social logo should feature alongside other sponsors logos and link back to


  1. LA Social branding should feature alongside any co-supporters of your event at an appropriate size. Suitable wording should clarify that we are sponsors of the event at the level negotiated.
  2. Suitable locations should be made available at the event for 1 or 2 LA Social sponsor flying banners to be displayed.
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